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The damage caused by small stones and debris which fly up from the road cause damage and weaken the windscreen glass. Cracks can appear suddenly or slowly. Often a windscreen repair is a more viable option with long term guarantee’s.

In the case of irrepairable damage being done to car windows and windscreens, replacement is required. A car can become unbearable to drive in certain conditions. Not to mention it is unsafe and illegal to drive without a windscreen.

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Depending on the damage done to the glass on your car, there are options available to you. The cost of having to replace an entire windscreen or window because of a crack or a chip caused by a stone or debris thrown up in Cape Town’s congested traffic can be unreasonably high; particularly for those motorists already tied to a stringent budget.

How do You Know When to Restore or Replace?

Making the decision whether to restore (repair) or replacement? These are the options and it is often very difficult to determine which is best; simply because we don’t know. Here’s a tip: If the repair option is to be considered, a reputable auto glass repair service will be willing to guarantee their workmanship. There are both mobile workshops and auto glass centres in Cape Town who are well known, reputable ands some provide a lifetime service guarantee. If you can’t get a repair guarantee, it is an indication that your best option would be to replace the entire windscreen or car window.

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