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Profile: Battery Centre Mitchells Plain

Quality Battery Accessories

Our Accessories Include:

Smart car battery chargers, solar battery chargers, power banks and jumper cables …

Smart car battery chargers can prolong the life of your battery. Get reliable, safe, extra long, durable jumper cables from Battery Centre.

High C-rate power banks suitable for most petrol and diesel engines. Charge electronic devices like laptops, smart phones etc.

Auto Batteries & Electricians

Vehicle Batteries

At Battery Centre Mitchells Plain we stock batteries for all type of vehicles. These include commercial vehicles (trucks), passenger vehicles (Car, SUV, 4X4 and LDV) and motorcycles (scooters, golf carts, quad bikes). We also stock a wide range of Home and Leisure batteries. These include marine (boat, jet ski), caravan, gate motor and portable batteries. and industrial / agricultural vehicles (tractors).

Auto Electrical Services

Our auto electricians provide a comprehensive diagnostic testing, fault finding/troubleshooting, rewiring and repair service. To ensure your vehicles electrics (lights, starter etc.) remain functional and roadworthy, bring it into Battery Centre Mitchells Plain for servicing.

Power Banks
Raylite Batteries

The Raylite car battery is the prefered battery for all cars manufactured in South Africa. Raylite Nano: An enhanced flooded battery (24-month nationwide guarantee). Raylite Silver Calcium: Robust manufacturing with lead, calcium and silver alloys (24-month nationwide guarantee). Raylite Ultimate: Valve regulated Lead Acid (36-month nationwide guarantee).

Raylite Nano EFB

Raylite Silver Calcium
Raylite Ultimate

Professional Battery Technicians

With a professional and comprehensive approach to the battery supply, repair and replacement industry, Battery Centre Mitchells Plain excels in a range of services which are governed by our high franchise standards regarding the safety and legality of automotive batteries. In short, Battery Centre Mitchells Plain offers a wide range of car, motorcycle and truck batteries and dedicated services to car and truck owners which are used as the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) choice of automotive battery for all cars manufactured in South Africa. We are an industry approved, automotive battery supply and repair service.

Experienced Auto Electricians

Our team of auto electricians are qualified and experienced in the auto electrical field, with deep insights into the tools and tricks of the trade. All work is guaranteed as per standard protocols according to our clients’ service level agreements.

Auto electricians and battery technicians

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